To Champion the Love of Reading, Open New Doors to Lifelong Learning, Provide a Haven for Those Who Seek, Make Brown the Place to Be, and to Ensure the Preservation of Public Library Services for Future Generations.

Target Audience

North Central Library District provides services and resources to 40 public libraries in 11 counties and the James V. Brown is one center hub. We serve our staff, directors, trustees, and volunteers through continuing education programs and workshops.


coLAB provided the libraries with an organizational snapshot and the tools to improve their sustainability capacity. coLAB got board members thinking and talking about sustainability planning in a very real way.
Thank you coLAB!


Sustainability Assessments, Meeting Facilitation, Mission-Driven Strategic Planning

Biggest take-away from working with colab

With coLAB, we learned what makes an organization sustainable and how we can foster that with the libraries in the district. The Sustainability Training helped the libraries identify gaps and address those gaps.

advice for a future colab client

Future clients should follow the lead with coLAB – they know what they are talking about. Follow through.